Spiritual Quotient, What the Heck?

Akash Panchal
4 min readJul 28, 2019

Law of Karma explained, the easiest way.

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

I and my friend met a lady at a restaurant on a pleasant Sunday morning who shared the table with us for breakfast, as she was not getting any empty table around.

We don’t talk to strangers often, Yes We, We all, correct? And in the metro city, everyone feels like strangers only.

She looked in a rush, We smiled at her, And she started talking that she is coming from the dance class and is very hungry. I just casually asked, “are you an IT person like us?” She said I used to be, I’ve earned good enough money and that’s it. I told her, give us some tips as well, to make it funny. But then she asked, Do you have strong Spiritual Quotient?

I’ve never heard this word before, IQ, EQ and all I knew but this was new for me. (Yes, I live in India and I didn’t know SQ)

I was clueless here, she said, the Spirituality is to believe in the universe and accept everything the way it is and the way it is happening. Don’t dwell on it.

Every small thing that happens to you, happens for a reason. Even we met today and talking like this. This is no coincidence.

I said, I agree and believe that when a setback happens in life that means something good is coming on our way. But that time is very difficult, the stress and depression are hard to overcome.

She asked me what do you do, to overcome that? I said, I talk to people close to me, I just want them to listen to me. That’s what we do or should do, right?

NO. You need to talk to yourself.

Again clueless.

But she went ahead and asked, Do you believe in Karma? I said, Yes I do believe. She asked me to define it,

Whatever you give, comes back to you whether it is positive or negative. — Karma

Affirmation from her.

She said, when you stop blaming others and start blaming yourself, you will feel lighter. But I was like, How is that gonna help, even If I understand that the stress and depression will be there.

But then she said, We think our karma will come back in future, but what about previous karma?

Let’s take an example, “Throw a white ball in a wall and the white ball will come back, Try a black now”

But now understand this,

Throw a white ball and…

…come back after 20 minutes, you will see the white ball and will remember that you only threw it.

…come back after 2 hours, you will see the white ball and still might be able to remember it.

…come back after 20 days, you will see the white ball and may or may not be able to remember it.

…come back after 200 years, you will see the white ball and will not able to remember it.

Oh, wait, what?

Yes, do you believe in re-birth or re-incarnation?

I’m sceptical but let say I believe.

Then think that, if something bad has happened to you are because of your previous birth karma. Simple. No blaming on others.

Now how to think that in a less stressful manner.

…If your boss yelled at you today, think that you might have run away with his daughter when he was your neighbour in the past birth.

…If someone rejected from the interview think that you might have fired him from your company in last birth.

Ridiculous. yeah, take it in a fun way.

Take that as bad karma of your past life. And know that bad time is necessary to enjoy and value the good times.

We ended the conversation discussing how she always kept her daughter away from the exam pressure and gave her all the freedom to express herself in whatever way she wants, and not just join the rat race, which we all finally end up doing :P

This lady definitely had that positive vibe and left me and my friend want to talk more but then we had to end it at some point. Her name was Shanti, We will surely lookout for her next time we go to the same restaurant. :)

Every small thing that happens to you, happens for a reason, that’s why you are reading this.

Remember, you was born. No Accident.