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Solve for the time

From Gary vee’s point of view

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

I was watching the following video of Gary vee’s speech on Friday afternoon.

The video starts from 10:07m (to the point), but I encourage you to watch it from the start to get the context and know more about him in his own words. (Yes, about the famous Wine library and The Internet).

There are so many takeaways from this but if you have carefully listened the exact 72 seconds from 10:07 and are having lots of thoughts, go ahead and read below.

Time! What’s so special about it?

Let me tell you, my point of view while thinking of a solution to any problem. (I’m just the programmer, who always ought to think about solutions)

What I think usually is following for any problem,

We need to reduce, Friction…

  • Amazon, McDonald’s, Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, Nokia, Netflix, Starbucks, Levi and many more are just a bunch of examples. They have reduced The friction between what we need and how to get it.”

We need to do, Automation…

  • Auto-reply to emails only If my response required — Hey Outlook
  • Send my Flight status to my cab driver — Good idea, isn’t it?
  • Make coffee for me when I’m home — Smart coffee machine
  • Detect and remove the virus from my device — No Notification, Please!

We need to provide Information…

Internet and Smart Phones are best and enough examples for this, I’m sure no explanation is required.

Now, if you look closely we’re not solving the different problems. We’re solving only one problem: Time.

Yes, we’re saving Time while getting food delivered to your doorstep

..saving Time, when watching your favourite TV show without a commercial

..saving Time, when checking what your friends are up to in another part of the world

..saving Time, when reading summarized news

..saving Time, when asking something without hitting a keyboard.

(Hey Alexa, who is Gary Vay-ner-chuck?)

..saving Time, while getting a car with few clicks.

This one is my personal favourite and in Gary’s own words, “Omg, Uber doesn’t sell transportation, Uber sells Time.”

Time is the most valuable thing right now, cause we’re living 24/7/365 — Einstein would have been the happiest person today.

When the sun sets, it doesn’t stop you from doing whatever you want to do. The Internet doesn’t rest in the night, it’s there for you.

In simple terms, If there is a problem, save time with your solution. Period.



SDE 2 @Amazon. Here to share the knowledge and experiences.

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