My profile in detail: Summarized

It’s very short. Promise.

Akash Panchal
1 min readJul 22, 2019

Top Articles

1. Text summarization in 5 steps using NLTK

This article explains the implementation of Text Summarizer using Python. Very easy to understand and implement.

2. Text summarization using NLTK: TF-IDF Algorithm

I’ve explained the implementation of TF-IDF algorithm for the single document-multiple paragraphs.

…more at Towards Data Science

3. Java: Simple Factory Pattern

Introduction to Java Design Pattern with example

4. Python for JAVA Developers: Basics

A handy cheat-sheet for Java developers who are learning Python

Side Projects

1. Pythonizr

Machine Learning code generator for python to help you start coding right away!

2. Python Tricks

Python List Explorer — a tool to quickly find list methods

3. nlp-akash

A GitHub repo of NLP notes and implementation of Algorithms

4. ml-akash

A GitHub repo of Machine Learning notes and implementation of Algorithms

5. Summarize Webpage

A SAAS project using Flask and NLTK to summarize any webpage using a given URL.

It leverages Natural Language Processing algorithm called WordFrequency.

Gary Vee — Word Cloud

WORK. That’s how you get it — Gary Vaynerchuk